Float Tank

Melt into in total stillness and silence in a sensory-deprivation float tank. Float effortlessly in a saltwater solution that leaves you feeling light, peaceful, and refreshed.

Red Light

Red Light treatment emits red and near-infrared light at special wavelengths and intensities that deeply penetrate the body and offer numerous benefits. 

Ice Bath

Enjoy the countless benefits of exposing your body to a low temperature for a short period of time in a specifically-designed ice bath. 

Clearlight Infrared Sauna

With contemporary design and groundbreaking innovation, the Clearlight Sanctuary Saunas are unlike any other. They are the only true Full Spectrum infrared saunas available offering advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies. Our robust TrueWave™ Full Spectrum heating system provides all wavelengths 100% of the time to optimise your sauna session.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Be guided deeper into remembrance & authentic being by the Spirit of The Horse.



Revitalise your health and happiness in a nourishing,
supportive environment and return home feeling
refreshed and renewed.

Experience a Weekend Retreat

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