Our intention is to offer the most nutrient-dense, organic, wild-harvested, and thoughtfully-grown food that celebrates local producers.

We seek to nourish the body, mind, and spirit with a ‘less is more’ approach – focusing on less packaging, rubbish, and less ingredients for our bodies to process. 


A sample menu over a retreat may look something like the following: 

Spring-fed water from our natural spring on the property
Organic seasonal juices & smoothies
Organic local fruit
Nourishing bone broths & soups
Organic vegetables as salads, stir fry’s, wood-roasted, or smoked
Slow-cooked, pasture-raised meats
Wild seafood either smoked, grilled, steamed, raw or in a combination of these
Fermented and pickled local produce 

Nourishing, organic, locally-grown food enriches not only ourselves, but also our communities and the planet

Cooking School

Professional chef and acclaimed restaurateur, Pete Evans will host informative and inspirational cooking classes during retreats at Evolve Sanctuary.

Over his 3 decade career, Pete has cooked over 1 million meals and become known for promoting the philosophy, ‘food is medicine’. Pete is an internationally-acclaimed chef and number 1 best-selling author in Australia for health/wellness books and cookbooks.

At Evolve Sanctuary, Pete will be teaching informal cooking classes that aim to educate and honour the beautiful art of cooking, based in self-love and nourishment. The cooking classes will celebrate the use of local-produce and inspire long-term sustainable health choices as outlined in the award-winning documentary, The Magic Pill.