As new teachings, gifts, and offerings emerge at Evolve – each retreat will expand and grow in its own unique way.

We invite you to “let go” of any expectations you may have around wellness retreats and surrender to the wonderful offerings and staff at Evolve.

Our weekend retreats on offer include:
Wellness retreats
Women’s wellness retreats
Men’s wellness retreats
Cooking retreats
Fasting retreats
Detox retreats
Yoga retreats (Please contacts us for info on upcoming retreats or visit Wild One Retreats on Instagram)
Pilates retreats (Coming Soon).

The offerings available at a typical weekend retreat at Evolve may include;
Sunrise yoga, Tea ceremony, Breathwork, Ice bath, Infrared sauna, Float tank, Meditation, Massage, Bodywork, Acupuncture, Emotional release, Nourishing food & beverages, Digital detox, Rainforest immersion, Campfire conversation, Connection Star-gazing. 

A diverse range of inspiring revitalising experiences

Tea Ceremony

Experience the harmony of an ancient tea ceremony ritual. Bring your focus to the present with mindfulness and experience profound calm. 

Massage & Bodywork

Experience the release and deep relaxation of therapeutic massage and bodywork. 


Practice the ancient discipline of yoga with breath control, meditation, and movement for health, flexibility, and relaxation. 

Cooking School

Pete will be teaching informal cooking classes that aim to educate and honour the beautiful art of cooking, based in self-love and nourishment. 

Experience a Weekend Retreat

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